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Good Morning Folks

My son, who is in year 11, has now been told that he will not be able to attend the 6th form at the school which he already attends. The decision was made on the basis that the staff feel he won’t be able to meet the minimum requirements. Naturally, my son and both my wife and myself, are quite disappointed.

He does not want to attend college and he doesn’t really want to do an apprenticeship. I will be going to an organisation called connexions next week to find out alternative routes to education post 16, but has anybody been in this situation before? What was the outcome?

Eventually my son wants to go into teaching and become a full time secondary school teacher or a university lecturer. Would that still be possible?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


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    To teach in schools you have to have a degree +/or a PGCE, you need a masters degree to teach in uni. In further education you don't always need a degree as you can be qualified by industry experience but a formal education definitely helps. It depends what subject he wants to teach - having my accounting degree & PGCE helped me become an AAT tutor! However, if he is not ready for continuing his education yet it never hurts to gain work experience, at times having 'life experience' first can help you become a better teacher! I returned to formal education in my late 20s and it was the best thing I ever did but if he wants to be an education professional then he needs to stay in education & get qualified +/or get a job as a teaching assistant & work his way up. It's a traditional profession, like accountancy, there are different routes to get there but my advice would be go to college & then uni as there is a lot of competition out there & he needs to prove his love of education & his commitment to the profession
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    Thanks Sally
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