Skipping L2 Cert. exams and going straight to L3 diploma due to prior study - prudent or pig-headed?

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Hello all,

I have an AS in Accounting, and studied the first year of a degree in accounting. I changed my degree (due to not liking the choice of 'wild' modules and tutor informing me I should do a degree in something I really enjoy) and headed in an academic direction because of that. I am now a decade down the road with a toddler and finding academia almost impossible to continue with as a mother. That, and I see all my childless friends around me doing crazy amounts of work for very little reward - and its getting tougher to even get a position.

SO, I am heading back into accounting. For someone who has spent a large part of her (meager) career doing methodical research, statistics and data collection and analysis - the methodical and logical nature of accounting suits me.

After having looked at the distance learning options available me, there is a provider who would allow me to start straight onto the Diploma given my AS level (and also employment a VERY long time ago as an accounts clerk). Given the cost of each Level of the full AAT, I'm starting to think this is the best option. My plan is to get learning materials for the Level 2 and re-acquaint myself with the material. I would be reading the tutorials and going through workbooks but not actually taking the exams. I would then embark on the Diploma

MY question is (after all that preamble!), is this totally ridiculous? Should I just cough up the cost of the Level 2 and KNOW that I can pass the exams? Or would a good reading of the materials suffice?


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    If I'd had any accounting/bookkeeping knowledge before starting AAT, I definitely would have skipped Level 2. I did it via distance learning and it took 9 months to complete which, for me, was far too long. In comparison, I did Levels 3 & 4 on a self-study basis and did all the exams in 4 months (but that was on the 2013 syllabus). There are learning materials and practice exams on the AAT website (assuming you're a member). If you look at those, you'll know if you should do Level 2 or not.
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    Thank you for that reply. I suppose I am a little nervous of my own ability because it has been so long! I'm becoming more sure, however, that if I refresh my knowledge with some old course books from Ebay, then I should be ok. I remember finding the A level exam a bit of a breeze.
    I need to practice practice practice and reacquaint myself with double entry!
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    Solid double entry will pay you back.
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