Do you think getting a distinction at Level 3 will help me find my first accounts job?

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Might be a silly question... but since the new syllabus allows us to get a pass, merit or distinction I thought I would ask whether getting a distinction at Level 3 will help my prospects at getting my first accounting role?

More about myself... I've been looking for an accounts job for a while, managed to get some interviews but faltered at the last hurdle due to lacking experience. I don't have AAT level 2 as I went straight to level 3.

My partner reckons I should stop looking for a while and concentrate on getting a distinction (I am on track) and then look for jobs after I have completed Level 3...

I see his point but the honest truth is I'm a very impatient person and I worry that if I don't find anything between May and September (not the best time to be finding a job as it's usually quiet over the summer months) that I might have to start Level 4 without experience (which is bad too).

Does anyone have any opinions on this?

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  • Bertie
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    No, keep applying for positions.

  • JohnKCC
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    Hello, I did level 2,3,& 4, without any direct accounting experience.

    The distinction will come in to play if there are two applicants who are the same, and the only thing dividing them is how well they passed their exams, which is a reflection of their ability and commitment.

    but like Bertie said, keep looking and applying, there is a position for you out there, keep striving for it

  • KoopaCooper
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    As someone who got to level 4 under the old system - do not stop studying, but DON'T stop applying for jobs either! Both things are equally important.

    I came to AAT having been unemployed for...7 years or so (my old job was terrible, so I quit, and then no-one would hire someone who was unemployed with no good reason and little relevant work experience or qualifications). I took level 1-3 during 2015, and around the time I started level 3, I also started hammering out as many job applications for accounts assistant and bookkeeper positions as I could manage. I think I kept up a solid rate of 3-4 applications per day throughout 2015, all in accounting and all in S London. The Jobcentre got a surprise.

    (I also have a fairly crippling fear of job interviews which doesn't help).

    Eventually, I did in fact get offered a job off the back of an application in February 2016, as an accounts assistant in a small practice. I got the job less because of my qualifications (level 3 isn't that much really) but mostly because my employer could see how much I wanted it (in spite of a less-than-stellar performance in the interview stumbling over my answers as per).

    If nothing else, keeping up applying for positions will help you to maintain your interview technique. And help you to keep in mind your end goal. ;)
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