How can I register without giving my employer's details?

jodiem Registered Posts: 1
Hi, I am trying to register for student membership as I have just started studying for L1 Bookkeeping. I can't seem to register without giving my employer's details. This course isn't anything to do with my employer - it is self funded, not relevant to my work and may be potentially awkward were they to know. How do I register without passing on this information please?


  • Bertie
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    Call the AAT if you're experiencing difficulties.

    +44 (0) 20 3735 2434
  • KoopaCooper
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    It shouldn't be a problem at all to sign up with AAT without giving any employer details - I registered with AAT in Jan 2015, while I was long-term unemployed, so I certainly didn't put down any employer details anywhere!

    But yeah, if you need help getting the application completed and filed I agree you should call AAT directly to step you through it. :)

    Best of luck with level 1! ;)
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