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Problem in Sage - please help!!??

Hi, I'm currently having a couple of problems in sage, i would really appreciate if you could help me in any way

Firstly at the start of the year set up an opening balance from the previous year for an accrual of £500 for Accountancy fees.
I then reversed the accrual by debiting accruals and crediting Accountancy fees.
I then posted the invoice of £500 for the Accountancy fees.
But now it shows that there is £0 (no expense) in the nominal of Accountancy fees but it shows that I owe 500 in my creditors nominal.

The other problem is that at the start of the year there was also a liability of £180 to a supplier so I set that as an opening balance for creditors.
This was paid during the year but at year end when I run the P&L the £180 shows as a mis-posting/suspense account but this does not show in the nominal ledger

Again, I would highly appreciate any help on these matters thank you very much in advance


  • MoominyakMoominyak Feels At Home Registered Posts: 38
    Re. the Accrual for £500 - what you see is correct, Accruals are still Creditors so all you've done is move the amount owed from Accruals to the actual creditor's account. When the bill for £500 is paid (Dr Creditors , Cr bank), the supplier's account will be zero. There is no expenses in Accountancy as the expense belonged in the previous year (hence the reason for the accrual in the first place).

    Re. the £180, you can't (AFAIK) post an amount to the Trade Creditors nominal account, it needs to go against a specific supplier a/c. The Sage I use is VERY old though so perhaps this has changed.

    When you paid it, presumably you would have put the payment against the supplier's account as a POA if there was no invoice to match it against? So you just need to post an invoice to the Supplier a/c, and to the misposting/suspense a/c (or possibly the retained earnings account). Then match off the payment to the invoice in the Supplier's account to tidy up.

    HTH and sorry if I've misunderstood anything you've said.
  • mowaqasmowaqas Registered Posts: 2
    Hi, thank you very much that has helped a lot
  • MoominyakMoominyak Feels At Home Registered Posts: 38
    Good-o :) No problem.
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