Advice needed re career change options & using accounting software

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I'm looking for a career change and am seriously considering bookkeeping or accounting but could really do with some advice please.
I don't have any experience in the sector (my closest work experience was working within the Treasury Dept of a local council a long time ago which I enjoyed) so it is a very big leap for me and I'm trying to think of options to help me to understand if I would enjoy the role before I spend lots of money and time training!
I've completed the skill checker which came out at level 2 and one option I was thinking of was starting with the 'Using accounting software' module as I thought this would maybe help me to get a real feel for the role.
My questions are;
1) Do you think this is the best way to get a feel for the role and an idea of whether it's for me?
2) If so, can I study this module by self study?
3) Which software would I need to purchase/trial?
I don't know anyone working within the sector who I could ask and I've tried speaking to AAT but they were just very keen to steer me away from the self study route. The leap from my current career seems a very big and scary one and any other suggestions would be very welcome :)
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