Wanted Osborne or kaplan books

Hi, anyone have maybe full set of books for aat level 2 for sale? Perfect will be 2016 but I'm not sure if I should go with kaplan or osborne...?


  • matchbox
    matchbox Registered Posts: 15
    I have Osborne Bookkeeping Transactions and Bookkeeping Controls AQ2016 Level 2, both the workbook and tutorial for each (so, 4 books). Never written in, really good condition. If you're interested email [email protected] - will do £30 for all 4, plus postage.
  • ratkin16
    ratkin16 Registered Posts: 17
    I have the following level 2 books for sale

    Bookkeeping 1 (Tutorial & Workbook)
    Working in Accounting & Finance (Tutorial & Workbook)
    Introduction to Costing (Tutorial & Workbook)
    Bookkeeping 2 (Tutorial)
    Computer Accounting Systems (Tutorial)

    £40.00 and £5.00pp if you are interested email me at [email protected]
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