Using Accounting Software Exam AQ2016 HELP!

Hi everyone,

I am looking for anyone to tell me what the Using Accounting Software Exam (for the AQ2016 syllabus) is like I am about to start studying this one (self studyier) and waiting for all my books to come in the post.

Has anyone recently taken this exam? What version of Sage is used and what version is best to practise with? I am thinking the Sage 50 Accounts.

To be honest any tips and advice on what to expect on this exam would be so helpful as I have tried looking through this forum and can't find much details.

many thanks in advance :)


  • anitamg
    anitamg Registered Posts: 1
    Hi. I'm about to sit this exam and have been going to a college. We've used Sage 50 2014. I hope that helps:-)
  • shannonr1990
    shannonr1990 Registered Posts: 36
    Ahh perfect I am guessing itll be Sage 50 then even though have just found another thread which says Kaplan are using Sage One in their exam, not sure if this is for AQ2013 or 16 though. Hopefully it is Sage 50 though as I am more familiar with that one too!! Goodluck in your exam, would love to know how you get on :)
  • Qilian
    Qilian Registered Posts: 11
    Is it supposed to use sage one according to these books ?Just wandering what differences are there.
  • shannonr1990
    shannonr1990 Registered Posts: 36
    Sage 50 is a more advanced version which needs to be downloaded on to your computer. Sage One can be accessed anywhere from the website online.
  • PoppyS
    PoppyS Registered Posts: 1
    I was wondering if there is a mock exam to practice with before sitting it official aat exam?
  • Casu
    Casu Registered, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 102
    Different exam centres use different versions of sage. Worth checking with whatever exam centre you are sitting t his with before you hi any further (unless doing it via a local college when they would supplied the info). You can download sage one or 50 as trial versions for one month, both are very different pieces of kit, different interfaces and processing procedures, but both easy to navigate if you have the right training tools or are prepared to wade through their help files/get a good book.
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