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Hello everyone,

I'm sitting my synoptic exam in 3 weeks and wondering what resources you are using that are aimed specifically at this exam. Any recommended topics from the previous exams to focus on? I've passed my budgeting, decision making exams and waiting on results from financial statements but feel like I've forgotten a lot with not enough time to re-study everything! I'm sure it will come back to me quickly but based on the Live assessment material provided I was wondering if you guys could recommend any specific topics to focus on and know in detail.


Also we could use this thread to help analyse the information we have in preparation for the exam. Don't feel reassured from class studies and find discussions much more useful for this topic.


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    First of all, I would be ensuring that I had worked through one of the textbooks. BPP has a good one for Accounting Systems and Control (which forms at least 1/3 of the assessment) and they also have a book specifically for practice on Synoptic type questions. Kaplan's Revision Kit for the Synoptic is also very good.

    Do not think that the assessment just covers MABU, MDCL and FSLC - it's far more than that - with questions ranging from Level 4 to Level 2 material and, of course, the chance of an ethics question for good measure. I can see a lot of people just assuming it is made up of questions about the 3 mandatory assessed units and forgetting about everything else they've ever done.

    Those studying Credit Management and Cash and Treasury Management are lucky as some areas are covered there too.
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