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An employee of a former client has contacted us about sending a P60 and some payslips.

We have no contact with the former client but can attempt to contact them however I want to know our position.

I don't want to be awkward as it's not my way however I'm conscious of not breaching any data protection rules as we have no idea this person is hwo they say they are. Would you provide them? I'm inclined to say we can only provide them to his former employer as that is who engaged us. However this does not help them greatly if the employer will not pass them on (currently has a dispute with them).



  • MarieNoelle
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    Has the employee ever received them from the employer? My instinct would tell me to stay clear as this is obviously a dispute between two parties you do not have any dealings with anymore. Maybe you could suggest the employee contacts ACAS for how to proceed?
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    Hello Sir, I will second the above. Contract was with the employer, therefore you must have their written consent before disclosing information to a third party.


  • Neillaw
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    Tell them to ring the revenue to obtain a copy of their P60
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