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As a student member I've never been to a local AAT event. Initially took a while just to find my nearest branch on the AAT website and then convinced myself at L2 and L3 that it would be of little benefit, but now I would like to and notice all of mine are out of town and difficult (though not impossible) to get to without a car.

Is there any way of adding email notifications for local branch events? Maybe local branches have their own websites or something, it just seems that they are almost invisible on this site. As a self studying L4 student I would be keen to meet other people, one of the things I miss from evening classes.


  • MarieNoelle
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    Hi @Adele69

    Have you tried to edit your settings/contact preferences on MyAAT? I don't remember whether I received updates as a student member but I do now as a full member. I have just attended a Branch event last week and a few students members were there. It could just be they checked their Branch events on the website :)
    If transport is an issue you may ask on the forum whether some members attend the same events?
    Maybe @AAT_Team can provide more information?
  • Adele69
    Adele69 Registered Posts: 320
    Thanks @MarieNoelle. I have checked and email notifications are enabled for all options including Events but have never got anything about local events, unless local branches are considered 'Third Party Organisations' so have just ticked this too.

    Impington, where all this year's events are held is over a major A road roundabout out of Cambridge which I have done on my bicycle but not for about 15 years and remember you needed your wits about you
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