Carry on with AAT level 3 or start CIMA?

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I'm not sure where to go with my studies... I completed Level 2 AAT around 3 years ago and didn't continue studying straight away. I was working as an accounts assistant for a company who didn't offer study support.
I am now an assistant management accountant and am looking to continue my studies. However, I'm not sure what the best route is to go down.

I've looked into the foundation level of CIMA (which I think you are exempt from if you have completed AAT) as opposed to finishing AAT.
Doing it this way seems to make more sense to me considering my job role and my career aspiriations to be a management accountant. However I'm not sure whether finishing AAT would give me a better grounding before moving on to the professional level of CIMA but after looking into the syllabus it seems to cover more financial accounting... I could be wrong.

Any opinions would be helpful or previous experiences!



  • Bertie
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    You'll need to either complete AAT or the now four certificate papers of CIMA to be at the same stage.

    CIMA certificate level is written in a more comprehensive manner than AAT.

    CIMA is a great qualification.

    Personally I'd finish AAT first.

    CIMA can take a couple of years to complete, some never finish.

    AAT knowledge helps with CIMA for sure.
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