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NME504NME504 New MemberAAT Student, AATQB Posts: 67
Tonight everyone!!!! 7.30 in the Accounting Student Network facebook group- This is not a webinar requiring a link - you just need to be in the group and watch for my opening post at 7.30pm. Then post your questions as comments below my post and then Teresa Clarke & Carly Barnes from 3AAA apprenticeships will answer your questions.....this Q & A covers all three levels in respect to Basic Costing/Cost n Revenues/Financial Performance for AQ2013 and Elements of Costing/ Management Accounting : Costing/ Management Accounting : Decision and Control on AQ2016. Don't miss out on your opportunity to get your questions answered!!! join www.facebook.com/groups/accountingstudentnetwork

Why not join the Accounting Student Network Facebook group. 1000's of students have found it a one-stop centre for studying resources, motivation & Career development - You can too!!

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