can you do two AAT courses at the same time

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So I'll be starting AAT level 2 in a month, and it will take six months(two days a week). So I was wondering (because within that time I would have the money for AAT level 3) so at the same time as studying level 2 can I study level 3?


  • Zoynal98
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    Hi Scarlet,

    You will need to complete each level one by one as you will be required to present the statement of achievement to advance on to the next level especially if you are doing your studies through a training provider. Exams have to be done in chronological order. Once you have passed all exams for Level 2 you will be able to take your Level 3 exams and once you have completed your Level 3 exams you can advance on to Level 4.

    Good luck with your studies!

    Hope this helps.
  • shannonr1990
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    If you are self studying you can take levels 2 and 3 together. You only need levels 3&4 to pass and become qualified anyways. Exams also do not have to be sat in any particular order (I didn't sit mine in chronological order. There are certain exams which should be taken after each other but it is not compulsory- only for the benefit of your understanding. If you search on this forum you will see hundreds of people are skipping level 2 and going straight to 3. I would ring up AAT they can help you more!
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