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My client is self employed salesman selling insurance policies. His income is a percentage of the value of the policies sold. If any of the clients default on the payment within 2 years of taking up the policy salesman has to refund the provision received tot the provider.

My client has a chance to be fully employed and to end his self employment. The questions is - after ending self employment how to account for the refunds as the income declared will be lesser by the amount that has to be paid back.

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  • MarieNoelle
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    Hi @Maggie75

    If he has to refund the commission after trade has ceased the expense may come under post cessation expenses - see BIM9000

    In order to be an allowable post-cessation expense:
    1.the trade must have ceased, and
    2.the expense would have been deductible in calculating the trading profits.

    For ways to obtain relief for the losses see BIM90090

    Hope this helps.
  • Bertie
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    I don't believe it is a revenue recognition issue.

    The commission would have, or should have, been recognised already whereby the terms of the insurance were agreed between the insurer and the policy holder - this surely is the point of recognition.

    In the final accounts a provision should be made as per FRS 12 - ITTOIA 2005 s25.

    The provision will satisfy the 'of a revenue nature' and the wholly and exclusively test.

    It is probable that a transfer of economic benefit will be required to settle an obligation - past history of the business will show how many, on average, renegade on their insurance contracts.

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