Level 4 Business Tax Exam

sairapatrice Registered Posts: 2
I'm just about to sit my Level 4 Business Tax exam but only have study materials for FA2015. Has anybody else sat this exam post the new tax year using 'old' material? If so, how did you find the exam?


  • Charlie1701
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    I too am about to sit my business tax exam and would like to know how close to the AAT past papers (pre- 2016) the exam is please.
    I am about to start looking at the AAT 2016 assessment paper
  • Megan1
    Megan1 Registered Posts: 25
    Can anybody who has sat Business Tax AQ2016 exam tell me it is for two hours or two and a half hours?
    Mnay thanks in advance.
  • AkateH
    AkateH Registered Posts: 9
    @megan1 The exam is 2 hours long
    @sairapatrice I haven't sat the exam yet (will be next week) however the others in my college class have sat it already and we have been given past material to use for revision. The workings are the same you just have to be really carefull about the amounts that change per year (personal allowance, capital gains allowance etc)
    @Charlie1701 I'm unsure how similar the papers are however on our AAT study support sections the old standard is still there so you can always look at the sample assessment there and compare it this years?
  • Charlie1701
    Charlie1701 Registered Posts: 14
    @AkateH Thank you
  • Megan1
    Megan1 Registered Posts: 25
    @AkateH Thanks for your reply. I must do it quickly then.
  • Reme
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    @Charlie1701 @sairapatrice

    I have just realized that the AAT website sample assessments for Business Tax FA 2014 & FA 2015 are the same, however the one for FA 2016 is different.

    Since you have already sat the exam, could you please let me know if the exam is similar to the one in the AAT website for FA 2016 or the previous one?

    Many thanks!
  • Charlie1701
    Charlie1701 Registered Posts: 14
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    It is only a little similar to them both. Only question 2 and 10 were exactly the same
    The other questions were of similar topics but structured very differently
    My only advice is, you will need to know the subject matter very well,not the exam papers
    It was a shock
    I am waiting to see if I passed
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