Agent Services

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Attended a webinar with HMRC on Agent Services but they left my question unanswered so wondered if anyone here had any ideas.

We don't use HMRC Online Services for filing, so after submitting a 64-8 we take it in good faith that HMRC will process it and we file using commercial software. It often happens that if we have an issue and we need to contact the self assessment helpline it then comes to our attention that they have never processed the 64-8.

With Agent Services coming in to play, will we no longer be able to file for clients where there is no 64-8?


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    It would be nice if the windows agent, upon discovery, provided all service names so you can build an item based upon the list of services that exist on that host. This would prevent you from having to log into every host to determine which services are on the box to build items.

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