Can anybody help with this question?? ACCOUNTS PREPARATION AAT LEVEL 3

I have a question I am currently stuck on - accounting for depreciation. This is for year end 30/04/X0:

Existing Equipment @ Cost has already been recorded in the Equipment @ Cost Account as Balance b/d of £6,200.

Existing Depreciation has also already been recorded in the Depreciation Charge Account has Balance b/d £3,000.

The accumulated depreciation for the existing asset has been calculated as £430 (10% depreciation per annum).

It states 'Depreciation on existing equipment has not been accounted for in the year ended 30/04/X0, however there is some depreciation from other categories of asset and this has already been reflected in the depreciation charge account'.

I don't know how the entry for Accumulated Depreciation on the existing asset has been calculated as £430??? Can anybody help???

Thank you!!!


  • Bertie
    Bertie Registered Posts: 376
    Ok, I'm lost -

    B/D suggets balance sheet items.

    Can you upload the actual question?

    I can tell you that in the real world of accounting you can not workout depreciation, and what for, without a fixed asset register. But this question has me perplexed as originally written.

    Post the question, verbatim and I'll try to help you work through it, when I see it.

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