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Written questions on AAT Level 4 Budgeting AQ2016

I am sitting my exam next week and worried about the written questions. Can you still pass on AQ2016 if you have done bad on the written questions or do you need to pass 70% on the written to be able to pass?

Thank you!


  • lannieloolannieloo Registered Posts: 95
    Hi there, I wouldn't worry too much about the written ones. Still try your best and Don't leave them blank and just state the obvious. I thought I'd done terrible on both written questions but somehow got exceeded on question 4! However the entire class got significantly below on question 8. I got 91% overall, good Luck x
  • ncraggsncraggs Just Joined Registered, Tutor Posts: 70
    Hi Shannon,

    These are quite tricky, and something students find difficult initially. The key is to practice them, and get them marked by your tutor. We have a blog specifically on this here:


    Good luck in the exam.

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