AQ2013 Level 4 - College Failed to Renew My Membership

Annoyed Registered Posts: 1

Can anyone help me. I've informed my college twice to renew my membership fees for AQ2013, they said they would do this for me and not to worry. Today my membership has lapsed, I have an AQ2013 exam on Thursday and my Project is at 4000 words. This mistake is not mine but the college.
I'm now really worried that my project is wasted and I will have to sit exams at AQ2016. I only had three exams left.

Please help


  • AAT_Team
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    Hi @Annoyed - we're really sorry to hear that you've had this experience with your college. We encourage you to follow our complaints procedure here but you may want to pay to renew your membership yourself so that you are able to sit your exam on Thursday and then ask the college to refund you at a later date.
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