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Morning all!

I've got my Sage exam on Friday and just wondered if anyone had any information on uploading docs.

I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that I'll export relevant reports as a PDF into a folder I'll create on the desktop and upload all reports at the end? Will it prompt you to upload and tell you how to do it? If not, how do I do it?

I also read you need to upload a backup of what you've done. Is this true?

Thanks for any and all help



  • matchbox
    matchbox Registered Posts: 15
    Also - how long did it take you to get your results?
    My tutor says anything up to 6 weeks but I've seen a few people on here say they got them within a couple of weeks. Is this common?

  • franzzy02
    franzzy02 Registered Posts: 2
    1. Reports should be exported as PDF and save it on your folder created in the desktop and make sure to follow the instructions on saving or renaming the file.
    2. before uploading all the files, ALL OPEN DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE CLOSED. Then Click upload and start uploading your files. Click Finish and there's a pop up message which will ask you to return or continue. Just click continue and that's it. Uploading is done.
    3. normally human marked assessment results takes 6 weeks.
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