Level 4 Exam Results Breakdown


I just got my first exam results for 2016 level 4 (Credit Management) and got 80% *Phew!*.

I was wondering if it is possible to get a more detailed breakdown of what I got correct and incorrect?

Thanks :)


  • GeorgiaH
    GeorgiaH AAT Student Posts: 107
    Great result well done!
    Are you studying with a tutor or yourself? Our tutor usually emails the AAT and she gives us a breakdown summary telling us what tasks we exceeded, met, borderline or below. Maybe you could try emailing them with your name and membership number to ask them for the results summary :) (i wish it was more in depth so we could see where we go wrong but thats the best they offer haha)
  • gagan
    gagan Registered Posts: 69
    Congrats for achieving 80%. any tips please my exam is on next week
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