Exam Timetable on Day Release

I attend a day release class at college which started September 2016 and to date have only sat 2 exams.

I sat Budgeting in December, then Financial statements in March.
Decisions and Control plus the Synoptic exam are scheduled for May.
The 2 option units are scheduled to be sat in June but one of which we haven't started the work on yet so thats concerning me.

Is there any one else in the same position having only sat 2 exams out of the 6 at this point ?


  • GeorgiaH
    GeorgiaH AAT Student Posts: 107
    edited April 2017
    Hi Picachu

    I am in the same position, I sat budgeting and financial statements the same time as you. Decision and control exam is on 26th April as it was moved back.Then synoptics 17th May, credit control 31st May then our last one is in June. We are supposed to finish our course by June but because we have to wait 6 weeks for results this will be impossible if failed any.

    Did you pass financial statements?
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