Sample CBT 1 (2016)

I can't seem to realise how to work out the outstanding payments. As of, in the first self assessment task (Section C) , which requires to work out which of the three invoices haven't been paid? How can I find that out? I have spent hours to solve it but I can't seem to help myself!!!!!!!!!!
A cheque of £1,567 has been received from Jabc Limited which it incorrectly states that is in full statement of the account on 28th of February. The customer's account in the sales ledger is shown below.
DR.. B/B down £1349 CR. Credit Note 88 £480
invoice 223 £270 Bank £869
Invoice 1250 £1208 Credit Note 91 £32
Invoice 1268 £391 Credit Note 96 £110
invoice 1281 £3420


  • Zoynal98
    Zoynal98 MAAT, AATQB Posts: 65
    Apologies, I don't have access to AQ2016. Unless you have figured out the answer, do you mind sending a full screen shot of the question?
  • NatalieV
    NatalieV Registered Posts: 1
    Hi Danielle,

    The answers are Invoice 223 £270
    Invoice 1281 £3420
    Credit note 96 £110

    Took me forever to figure that out!
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