Due to sit first exam - help, no idea what to expect!

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Hi, I'm in a bit of an unusual position where I'm due to sit one of my Level 4 options modules (cash management), but as I've come in to AAT with a lot of exemptions it's actually going to be the first exam I sit!

I'm starting to get a bit nervous that I really don't know what to expect. I haven't gone through a training provider and am self studying so I don't have anyone to ask really and can't seem to find a good answer anywhere!

I understand the exam is computer based - is it going to be multiple choice / filling boxes type questions with an instant result at the end of the exam, or is it something a bit more complicated (essay, longer prject style questions etc with a wait for results? Or is it a combination?

I've found this website: http://aat-interactive.org.uk/aat/practice_assessments/ so I'm just wondering is this an accurate representation of what I can expect in the actual exam, aka pretty much a mock paper, or is it just a test so you can judge whether you are competent enough to enter? Is this all there is to it or is there anything else I need to submit to fulfil the module?

Secondly, is there anything in particular that I should make sure I take / don't take to the exam? I was planning on taking just the basic pen, ruler, calculator, ID etc but I'm just wondering is there anything like a data sheet or formula sheet or anything I need to know about other than that.

Apologies if these seem like silly questions, I'm just getting a bit anxious that I don't know what to expect! Like I said, as I'm self studying I've got nobody to ask really and I haven't received much info from the exam centre.

Thanks :)
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