two windows open in one screen during exam plus backup

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Hi guys
1. During computerised accounting level 2 exam we don't have scenario on paper. It is on secureaccess. It means that during exam we have to split computer screen so that scenario is in half of the screen and sage is in half of the screen. Is it easy to change size of the sage window and secureaccess window by dragging so that both windows can be accessed simultaneously on one computer screen ?
I am using trial version of sage for practice and I discovered that it is impossible to make sage window size smaller. Is it possible that in training centers where they have regular sage version installed it is possible to change sage window size to whatever size you need ?

2. After all required pdf documents are uploaded at the end of exam are we also required to do backup and upload this file together with pdf reports ?


  • louby1972
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    Your exam centre should provide you with the scenario on paper if requested (this is allowed under the AAT rules)
    If you are doing AQ2016 you will not be required to upload the backup at the end of the exam
    Hope this helps
  • rafapak
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    thanks louby for reply
  • matchbox
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    You can be provided with a paper version of the assessment.

    I sat mine the other week - we didn't need to do a backup. I believe for AQ2013 you did though.
  • rafapak
    rafapak Registered Posts: 26
    thanks for reply
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