Forecasted accounts for commercial loan application

A current client of mine is making a loan application to buy a new business. I have helped them prepared forecasted accounts (P&L, balance sheet and cash flow) based on the current accounts of the business they are buying and their business plan. Do I need to included a disclaimer? I have added the following but the mortgage advisor doesn't want it included, does anyone know where I stand?
'We have prepared these forecasted accounts in line with information provided by our client. Whilst we have no reason to believe that our client would enter into a loan agreement of which our client did not expect to be able to fulfil, we can make no assessment of our client’s ability to achieve this income or the level of their forecasted outgoings. Whilst the information provided is believed to be true, it is provided without acceptance of any responsibility whatsoever, and any use you wish to make of the information is, therefore, entirely at your own risk'


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    Fair post.

    Although, did you not mean to say -

    ACCA do?

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