Taxcalc vs. Taxfiler

gwenbgwenb Posts: 32MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
I am considering using software for the preparation of tax returns and accounts for sole traders. I would like to hear people's experience with either/both. The AAT magazine is advertising Taxcalc and that's a good recommendation in itself.
Anyway, I would really appreciate your views on this.
Thank you.


  • MickdundeeMickdundee LondonPosts: 305Registered
    I am not sure why you think AAT advertising TaxCalc is a good recommendation in itself. I'm sure they just take the money and print the advert.

    Tax Calc is good, as is Taxfiler.

    Yoy don't mention the number of clients you have, the functionality you need, or any other information that would help us with your choice. Perhaps you can but a bit of padding into your post?
  • MarieNoelleMarieNoelle Trusted Regular Hampshire/Surrey borderPosts: 1,094Moderator, MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    I use TaxCalc and find it easy to use but may not be the cheapest out there. As @Mickdundee suggests, the fact that it is advertised in the AAT magazine has nothing to do with my choice.

    I have no experience of Taxfiler so can not comment on it.

    Here are the links to 2 earlier discussions on this matter:

    Hope this helps
  • gwenbgwenb Posts: 32MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    Those are very good points Mick, thank you.

    So, being a start-up, I am not hoping for more than 10 clients this tax year both self employed and companies. I am after a package that offers SARs, accounts, CTax and VAT returns.

    I read that Taxfiler is a bit limited but price wise seems very reasonable. I should have said that I am open to explore other options as long as it's not too expensive. My budget is only £150/£200 a year at the most.

    The reason I think that AAT advertising of Taxcalc is a good recommendation is because I thought they would not try to sell anything that would affect their reputation. I may be wrong you think?
  • MickdundeeMickdundee LondonPosts: 305Registered
    Your budget probably only leaves Taxfiler as a realistic choice.
  • NeillawNeillaw New Member RossendalePosts: 193MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    I've started with Taxfiler as it's the best cashflow efficient package. That doesn't mean to say that i'll not jump ship in a couple of years but with the client base I have it just isn't economically viable. My mentor uses Iris which is expensive for what it is.

    I wanted a system that would do both CT and accounts as vat returns can be done on VT or another book-keeping package or even Excel dependant on your knowledge.
  • burgburg Experienced Mentor GloucesterPosts: 1,336Moderator, FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    Taxfiler seems ok. I was considering it as an option for our practice as we were trying to go cloud based. For me the Accounts prep side was not up to what we needed. Many use VT for accounts production as it is cheap and functional but you will also need tax software.
    As a note we use Capium.

  • BertieBertie West Midlands Posts: 376Registered
    Both are good pieces of kit.

    For purely sole traders, on a budget, how about Excel and HMRC software until you're further established?

    TaxCalc comes into its own when drawing up Ltd accounts due to its 'almost' nailed on error checklists.

    You can access a trial of both. Maybe if you've time over the weekend have a play. Load some dummy data, try importing data, mapping and such like.

    And yes, as above, don't read too much into the advertisements found within the magazine.
  • readerreader Experienced Mentor Posts: 678MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    I know of a smallish firm of accountants (circa 1,500 clients), who specialize in contractors/consultants/freelancers, who just use VT and tax filer. I need to start working out how to use VT and tax filer and start growing my practice.
  • BertieBertie West Midlands Posts: 376Registered
    1500 clients is smallish?
  • readerreader Experienced Mentor Posts: 678MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant
    They probably only turnover £2M which makes them a small business (they are definitely larger than micro)
  • BertieBertie West Midlands Posts: 376Registered
    Ok yes, I see what you did there.

    Smallish as in a company size sense, not in a accountancy practice size.

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