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Hi All,

I'm sitting the Accounts prep exam next week and I just can't seem to get anything to stick. I'm home studying so have to learn from front to back of the book and it just seems like too much for my brain to handle.

Also, I completed and passed Final Accounts before starting this unit with that in mind what areas would you suggest I specifically focus on that cover a lot of marks on the exam please?

I have a weekend to get to grips with it all and be confident siting the exam.



  • MickdundeeMickdundee LondonPosts: 305Registered
    Have you done the sample assessments?

    If so, what sections are you failing on?
  • jordanfisherjordanfisher Posts: 9Registered
    I've done ones through my learning materials but not the AAT ones as I don't feel confident yet as I was planning on spending all day Saturday doing practise papers providing I can get my hands on some.
  • MickdundeeMickdundee LondonPosts: 305Registered
    Do the AAT ones well in advance.

    Make notes, identify your weaknesses and misunderstandings. Come back here with Coke direct questions, even after just one practice assessment.
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