MDCL Sample Assessment 1 task 5c

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Hi, please can someone explain how to figure out the following question...



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    Do you have the actual answers, as I'm doing 2013 so can't look them up, and doing this from memory? Indexes would be under Forecasting Techniques. In the 2013 e-learning under Forecasting, page 4 this is shown as

    New Price =
    Old Price x Index in month you are going TO/ Index in month you are coming FROM

    So, according the the AAT's format this would look like:

    Jan's price is £129,000 x 170/170
    March price is £132,000 x 170/172
    June price is £135,000 x 170/174
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    @Adele69 perfect, thank you so much for your help!
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