Do I need to take the AA2 exams to apply for an AAT 3 course?

I am just wondering do I need to take the AAT 2 exams before I commence the the AAT 3 course? Or (when I finish the AAT3 course) could I take the level 3 exams without level 2 exams/certificate? Thank you!

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  • worschitza
    worschitza Registered Posts: 3
    Thank you for your answer.
    I want to do (learn) level 2 I just do not want to take the exams because there are quite expensive and my plan is that I am looking for a job after i finish the level 3 so I think I do not need the level 2 certificate (just the knowledge).
  • AC88
    AC88 AAT Student Posts: 44
    Personally I've done level 2 and 3, I'm nearing the end of level 4 now and employers liked the fact that I've done all three.

    Are you working in finance now?
  • worschitza
    worschitza Registered Posts: 3
    I am a payroll assistant at this moment.
    Good for you. :) I have just started last week...but I am very ethusiastic. :)
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