Hi I have just sat my exam and really panicking I will fail. I was asked to produce a planned income statement for 12 months. Opening balance, closing balance, etc. I know I got my opening balances incorrect as i was pressured into finishing the first task and moved onto task 2 I think I got task 2-5 mainly correct. I couldn't see where I had to show formulas so will I fail because I didn't do that. Thanks

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  • Cbrown38
    Cbrown38 Registered Posts: 7
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    I didn't show my answers as formulas like in the mock exam and I calculated my opening balance wrong as it should have been the previous months closing balance.

    Just wondering if I would fail on that or still scrape by? I managed my v lookups, if statements, chart and pivot so hoping those will make up for my error on task 1.


  • Cbrown38
    Cbrown38 Registered Posts: 7
    thanks I will do
  • Cbrown38
    Cbrown38 Registered Posts: 7
    I passed
  • philreddy1985
    philreddy1985 Registered Posts: 23
    Well done!!
  • amber8382
    amber8382 Registered Posts: 5
    Hi Cbrown38, Well done for passing your synoptic exam! Hope you don't mind me asking,did you managed attend and complete all three part in Excel for spreadsheet? It seems that you wasn't sure about your calculation on Financial statement task ( referring to your first post) and you still pass , so it probably wasn't a minor issue as long you complete all others task?!
  • Bertie
    Bertie West Midlands Registered Posts: 376
    Excellent news my friend.
  • Cbrown38
    Cbrown38 Registered Posts: 7
    Hi it wasn't a synoptic test just the exam for aqa13 standards. I passed but made few mistakes I calculated incorrect closing/opening balances but they are just looking at the formulas/functions. I made few formatting mistakes or didn't do it. I got my pivots correct, chart correct, if function, v lookup so overall think it was enough to pass. I hope this helps x
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