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Funding for AAT fast track 2 & 3 combined

Hi I am struggling to find a provider for the fast track 2 & 3 course that offers the 24+ loan. I need this to be able to start the course. Any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks.


  • sarah0906sarah0906 Registered Posts: 11
    Anyone help??
  • CasuCasu Registered, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 102
    Not sure about the fast track issue. But try looking at the Kaplan and First Intuition sites, although I seem to recall reading that a fair few of such loans had been pulled, but frankly it doesnt impact me so its not something Ive followed, so I could be pointing you in thw wrong direction. Or how about you sign up for the free ACCA-X course, do the course itself but not the exam, you can study at your own pace in a few weeks. Then do the AAT skills test and you should get on to do level three as you have covered off the level 2 skills and saved yourself some cash for both the course and the exams. Just a thought.
  • ncraggsncraggs Just Joined Registered, Tutor Posts: 70
    The loan doesn't cover level 2, only level 3 and 4 unfortunately. There is no reason why buying two levels at once means you go any faster, it just means that you are tied to the same provider for the next level.
    AAT Distance Learning Director First Intuition www.fi.co.uk
  • Mike WebsterMike Webster Just Joined Cardiff and ValeRegistered, Tutor Posts: 199
    edited June 2017
    I've had a few students come to me after doing a Level2 & 3 fast-track course and, to be honest, none of them have had a deep enough understanding of the basic principles of double entry - it's almost like their provider has concentrated on getting them to pass the exams rather than helping them to understand.

    This is not to say that everyone who goes down the fast track route will be like that. I think time well spent on the foundations (after all Level 2 is now called the Foundation Level) will give you the basics for all of your further accounting studies.

    As for the opening question about finance - luckily, in Wales, we don't have this 24+ loan situation (yet). Our full-time students get it free, whilst, at worst, part-time students pay full cost recovery. As Mr Craggs says, buying two levels together ties you to one provider and, if the worst comes to the worst, you could find yourself tied to a provider you can't get on with (or don't like their materials). Be very careful - why not buy the 2 Bookkeeping units (Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping) first to see how you get on with the provider then you could change provider if you're not happy.

    Whatever you choose to do, good luck
    Michael JH Webster AATQB FMAAT
  • RebekahBRebekahB South East AAT Student Posts: 35
    Only Skills Network and Kaplan accept 24+ loan now and only from level 3 onwards. I would suggest not doing fast track and doing the proper ones
  • sarah0906sarah0906 Registered Posts: 11
    Thanks. Yes I am at college now and started level 2.
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