Order to sit exams Level 3- AQ2016

Good Afternoon all,

Just wondering what order i should be sitting my exams. I am self studying and tbh really don't want to start with Advanced Bookkeeping, found Level 2 Bookkeeping quite a slog to learn (it took me nearly a year) and so a bit put off to start with the Advanced module first for this level. Ideally would like to get some shorter easier ones out the way first (I appreciate none of it is easier, but would like to ease myself into the level a bit)

Was thinking of starting with FAPR first (as recommended by most on the old syllabus)
then was going to give either MMAC or IDRX a go next as i already know a bit about Tax from my current job now.
then was going to do the dreaded AVBK then finish up with the synoptic's

what is everyones thoughts? am i doing totally the wrong order? will i be making it harder for myself?

all help very much welcome!!!


  • LaurenS_30
    LaurenS_30 Registered Posts: 2
    Hi, see you posted this awhile ago and wondered what you did? I am going straight into Level 3 and wondering where to start?
  • pedrostaffs
    pedrostaffs Registered Posts: 1
    Hi, I went straight onto Level 3 part time at college and we did the indirect tax exam first....within about 4 months of starting! It wasn't too hard even though I had to resit due to my own laziness!
  • LaurenS_30
    LaurenS_30 Registered Posts: 2
    Oh great, maybe I try that one first then. Cheers
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