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Cold Calling

Richardc1994Richardc1994 MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 11
Hi Guys,

After what seems like an eternity of planning, completing applications for the AAT setting up a Bank Account and obtaining agent codes myself and a partner have finally set up a partnership at the beginning of the year. We are getting quite a lot of interest to complete self-assessments and it is mainly coming through social media and referrals, however we haven't had much luck with recurring revenue as of yet (Bookkeeping, payroll, management accounts etc.) with only 1-2 clients paying monthly.

I was wondering how many of you have gone down the cold calling/ email marketing route to find clients and how effective has it proved?


  • BertieBertie West Midlands Registered Posts: 376
    I've never paid to advertise.

    In the past I've used social media, like you most of the interest comes for self assessment.

    Word of mouth is my advertisement method of choice. Obviously it starts steadily then slowly picks up pace.

    For me I wished to build slowly. At that time I was employed so it offered a nice taper from one to the other.

    I don't see why cold calling wouldn't work, how about networking with fellow business folk?
  • Richardc1994Richardc1994 MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 11
    Thanks Bertie.

    I like the idea of networking it's just difficult to find the time as i work full-time, that's why cold-calling might be a better option at present.

    We also are not in the market of paying to advertise, the data has mainly came from business cards from sales guys in my full-time company which I managed to acquire ha!

    Anyway, I will give it a shot and report back my findings to the forum!
  • NeillawNeillaw New Member RossendaleMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 265
    Have you tried your local chamber of commerce, they usually do some good networking exercises.
  • CasuCasu Registered, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 102
    I would never go with anybody who cold called me - for ANYTHING! EVER! I dont advertise neither, never have and Im turning clients away.
    Networking - make time. They do have some in the evening. Choose carefully, dont do BNI (will just take your cash), but do as Neillaw suggests.
    Better still - ask your existing client base (and anyone else you know) for introductions and recommendations. Every one of my clients has come that way, including my very first one.
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