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correcting errors during computerised accounting exam

I would like to ask you for help guys. I would like to know some methods of correcting error during exam if I make those errors. I am thinking about reverse entries or entering credit notes etc. Let's say I entered wrong supplier opening balance 1. When you try to reverse your entry Dt Payables Cr Suspense Account system tells you that your entry will not be reflected in purchases ledger. 2. When you try to enter credit note to correct error , your entry won't be reflected in suspense account. Which method is better for exam purposes 1 or 2 when we talk about correcting errors during exam ?


  • li22li22 BoltonRegistered Posts: 9
    I think I used the Corrections facility on Sage to fix an error I made. (File - Maintenance)

    Obviously, it's best to be extra careful to avoid mistakes in the first place.
  • BertieBertie West Midlands Registered Posts: 376
    Credit note if relates to a debtor or creditor. Journal for everything else. Becareful if VAT is involved.
  • rafapakrafapak Registered Posts: 26
    thanks for replies
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