Stepipng from college to home learning.

Anyone has a recent experience of stepping into home learning?
I am finishing my Level 2 in June with college. And thinking of doing Level 3 from home without any online provider.
1) Where do I purchase books? I checked providers like bpp and kaplan their books look different from books we have in college.
2) How do i book exams? Do i need to book in advance? Wait for a certain date?
3) Can anyone with the home learning experience for Level 3 give me an approximate £££ cost (books+registration for exams etc)/
My college charges around £2000 incl books (aat membership is paid separately). I am just trying to cut costs as I am currently on a very tight budget.


  • CallumCallum Posts: 8Registered
    I am with Kaplan, and don't do home learning. However, the books and materials are really good and anyone can buy them I think (talking £20 for a textbook though...). Plus, you can sit exams at Kaplan centres without studying with them. Level 3 exams are around £70. They aren't the cheapest but I'm sure other providers do the same sort of thing. It's £864 to do distance learning with them so that's a lot cheaper than £2,000!
  • True_PurpleTrue_Purple Posts: 2Registered
    Hi Callum,
    Thank you for your reply. Does the price of online learning you pay to Kaplan include textbooks and exam fees?
  • CallumCallum Posts: 8Registered
    It includes all your materials but not exam fees.
  • JeffJeff Posts: 11Registered
    BPP offer the same thing. Having used Osborne books as well as BPP books, I find that Osborne gives you a great foundation in the particular subject, and then BPP helps you gain a much better understanding.
    Plus, the more books you have,the more questions you get asked, the more practice assessments you have access to, the more you will be prepared for the AAT exams
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