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PETTY CASH - Using the PCB as a Book of Prime Entry only?

Does anyone have any resources that explain how to post to a petty cash account in the general ledger when the petty cash book is only used as a book of prime entry?

I'm using the Osborne textbooks, but in the Bookkeeping Transactions workbook there's a question asking to post to the general ledger when the PCB is only a book of prime entry. But the PCB has the month totalled off and balanced so I can't see how that's not also acting as the T account in the general ledger? (page 63, question 10.8)

I have plenty of information about petty cash however there doesn't seem to be anything about transferring from the PCB to a petty cash account in the general ledger.


  • DannyT90DannyT90 Surrey AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 159
    If the petty cash book is a book of prime entry only it still needs to be balanced and totalled like any other 'Book'.
    But in this case as it's only the book of prime entry you would need to transfer every item to its own individual account. So for example debit all the expense accounts shown on the PCB and also the use of the petty cash control account showing all balances and totals.
    Just think everything you see on the PCB has to go into its own individual T account.
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