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Do I need a learning provider

Hi All, I'm pretty new so my knowledge is slightly limited in this field. I want to self study AAT level 3-4, would I need a learning provider. I have checked around already and the prices for being a distance learner seem so high. If I choose to self study what would be the 1st thing to do. Cheers


  • DannyT90DannyT90 Surrey AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 159
    It seems all you need is to buy all the updated text books, make sure you are registered with AAT to sit your exams and then book your exams online through one of the Assessment centres.

    It's what I'll be doing on Level 3, as I'm paying £50 a month for level 2 and don't really benefit out of having a training provider
  • broadstairsbroadstairs BroadstairsRegistered Posts: 5
    edited May 2017
    Hi, have a look at Ideal Schools, they have courses on there, I'm studying though them doing AAT Level 2 - Foundation Certificate In Bookkeeping - Combined Option.... Worth a look. They have 15% off at the moment.

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