*FULL SET* Brand New - AAT LVL 2 Foundation Certificate in Accounting - FOR SALE

BenWilson81 Registered Posts: 4
Hi All,

I recently purchased the full set of books for the AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting, the new 2016 revised version.

I have only even opened the first book, they are as new, still in the original box. I paid £71.65 for them so would like to get £45 plus postage back.

The full list:
Bookkeeping Transactions Tutorial
Bookkeeping Controls Tutorial
Elements of Costing Tutorial
Using Accounting Software Tutorial
Work Effectively in Finance Tutorial
Foundation Certificate Synoptic Workbook

Give me a shout if you're interested.

Many thanks,

Ben ([email protected])


  • BenWilson81
    BenWilson81 Registered Posts: 4
    Sorry, just to clarify... these are Osborne books.
  • Iain93
    Iain93 Registered Posts: 2
    Hi Ben

    I'm interested in the books, although how come you've never used them?


  • BenWilson81
    BenWilson81 Registered Posts: 4
    Hi Iain,
    I was going to self study, but I quickly realised that this wasn't for me to be honest. I covered the first few chapters of the first book and that was that! I cans end pictures if you'd like with my receipt from Osborne. Many thanks
  • JayKallee
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    edited May 2017
    All the best
  • Sketchbex
    Sketchbex Registered Posts: 12
    Are these still for sale?
  • Iain93
    Iain93 Registered Posts: 2
    Hey Ben

    I've sent you an email from my work's email address, if could respond please

  • Luis
    Luis Registered Posts: 2
    Are these books still available?
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