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Hi there, I'm just looking for some advice on inputs on the computer marked questions, basically if we take ratios for example and all the answers given are ??.?% (ones that have been answered for you) and you are required to fill in ones that have not been done (say operating profit margin).. My question is would you put the % sign? I would ask the same for the target costing question where for example you take selling price and you deduct profit margin to then get target cost.. If this is put into a single column table do you put brackets or minus sign for the profit margin as i have seen both so far...

My query links in with pretty much every exam and for my queries above tightly link in with decision and control.. I'm just wondering if any of you guys found the best way as from what I have seen so far the exam doesn't always specify, which means i could know the answer but if I input () or % or even decimal places without the question specifying exactly i could get marked down which is a bit harsh.. And due to it being marked by a computer my answer would just be marked as wrong..

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  • Bertie
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    The program should be able to correctly mark a 25 or 25% answer.

    IIRC, but I could be thinking of CIMA - if the answer required a percentage the actual sign would be sat to the right of where you input your answer.

    Usually all is revealed as soon as you read through the opening screen of an exam.
  • AlisonSwanson
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    I have never Known of students entering a % sign in an AAT assessment. If brackets or a minus sign is needed the question will usually tell you. Regarding rounding if you are told to round to 2,3 or 4 decimal places and you do not you will have your answer marked incorrect. So even if your answer is a round figure you still need to answer to the required number of decimal places. Instructions are usually highlighted in bold font.
    If there are no specific rounding instructions then just round normally and I believe the computer will accept a range of 'reasonable' rounding.
    Some AAT model answers totally confuse students by rounding down when the correct thing to do is round up , i.e. if it is 0.5 and above round up.
  • Irrorate
    Irrorate Registered Posts: 139
    I've never had to put a symbol in an exam, be it a £ or %. They appear before/after the text box.
  • ScottB
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    Thanks for comments guys
  • AbbyCarr
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    I have a similar question
    In a worded question, that requires calculations, if the data shows (£000) and I include them in my calculations, would they be incorrect? If I include 10 (£000) in my calculation as £10000? I'm only referring to written questions marked by the assessor.
  • AlisonSwanson
    AlisonSwanson Registered, Tutor Posts: 209
    in a 'written' question I'm sure either format would be acceptable, as long as your workings are clearly set out for the marker.
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