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Hi guys,
I started an AAT L2 APPRENTICESHIP course around 5 weeks ago and i have been going to all of my lessons and my teacher says im doing very well and that im very good. However i sat my exam practice yesterday (my real one is this coming Thursday ). I have a great teacher and he tries to cover every part in detail and in class i can answer questions straight away however i sat my practice paper yesterday and i was found not competent, i must admit i did rush though it so i sat a practice paper today ,i took my time and i was found to be competent.i was just wondering if there is a better way for me to remember everything i am taught because i just seem to forget some things ,i always take notes in class and i have them its just that im struggling to remember everything and this is making me lose confidence in myself about the coming exam and told that 90% of people pass their elements of costing exam first time which isn't helping how i'm feeling about the whole thing.


hopefully i can get some good advice


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    First thing don't stress, you'll have plenty of time to complete the exam so don't rush, if you've done the revision then blast the last few bits you're not sure on, I got 93% and I missed a few classes, just make sure you read the questions, you'll be fine
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    Is this one of the AAT Practice Assessments, or one of the Training provider/Book publishers? I usually do the two AAT PAs available in the week upto the exam, in as close to exam conditions as possible, but while doing them take screenshots of my answers, then compare these to downloadable answers which I only access after the practice. That way I can see which questions I might be struggling on and can focus more revision in the days upto the exam.

    Everyone uses a different setup, at work I have two monitors and at home a laptop, so I stay after 5 to do these on my office PC. I use Photofiltre for screenshots, its free and can be run uninstalled from a folder, though it would be possible to use Snipping Tool and paste these into Word. It will use a bit of extra time but not much with a bit of practice and a second monitor also helps.
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    Personally I don't book my exam until I'm 100% confident with each topic. I have my Elements of Costing exam in 2 weeks and like Adele69 said, I do practice exams and then any I get wrong I use the downloadable answers to compare.

    I'm a distant learner so I can go at my own pace. I don't know if being in a class makes you feel more rushed then you should be.

    Good luck with your exam anyways.
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    Anyone can advise a site I could practice mock exams? Thanks in advance
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