Classroom vs Self Study/Online Learning

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I am soon starting my AAT level 2 course and am wondering peoples opinions on the best way to go about this. Is it easier to do classroom study or at this level self teach? I have looked into this and had conflicting responses. My company will be paying for my training so cost is not an issue. I am 20 years old and have worked in AP for a year.


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    As cost is not an issue than you have to decide what works best for you. One is not better than the other. You decide what is important to you.

    Are you self motivated? Can you put aside time to study and stick to a schedule you set yourself? Do you feel confident to find out information yourself. The self study route may be quicker for some as you are not bound by someone else's timetable.

    With classroom taught you don't have the bother of setting your own schedule, deciding which order to take the units, when/where to sit the exams. I leave all that to the training provider so I can focus on studying. You will need to commit to classes so do they fit in with work/personal life?

    I can sing the praises of my preference but that's because it suits me.

    If you are not sure may be you can do one unit as a self studier and see how you get on?
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