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Task 2 2016 aat practise paper rejected production

Good afternoon,

I'm having some difficulties getting my head around the rejected production part on task 2a budgeting.

If the opening inventory is 20000
Good production 68700
Sales volume 68000
Closing inventory 20700
What would be the rejected production? If 8% of all production fails quality control checks and is rejected

I can fill in the rest of the table except this bit.



Best Answer

  • steady88steady88 Registered Posts: 25
    Accepted Answer
    The goods production 68700 represents 92% of all production, therefore to find 8% of failed production, the way I work it out, (68700/92)x8= 5974. And you can add these together to tell you the total manufactured units, which will be 74674

    You can always double check that 74674 is 100% of units produced, as 92% of 74674 is 68700.

    Hope this helps



  • adammspellsadammspells Registered Posts: 2
    Steady88 thank you so much... explained it perfectly and saved me so much time :)
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