Self-employment income

Evi Registered Posts: 11
I did a BPP practice assessment in preparation for my exam and in the questions it was given both employment income and self-employment income. So my question is should we include the self employment income in the calculation of taxable income. In their answer the income was added to the total but I am not sure.


  • AbbyCarr
    AbbyCarr Registered Posts: 157
    I believe so. All non savings income is included in taxable income, this includes self employment income, employment income, pension income and property income.
  • Evi
    Evi Registered Posts: 11
    Thank you @AbbyCarr for the quick reply.

    I have found level 4 really different to level 3, especially with all the exams issues. Fortunately, I have passed all of my exams so far on the first sitting but it really starts to stress me out the expectation that there will be something on each exam that it has not been studied in classes.
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