Has the MDCL AQ2016 online mock been changed?

tinks83 Registered Posts: 3
Has the AQ2016 MDCL online practice mock on AAT been changed?
I have had my second fail with this exam now which I am so gutted about, but I went to do the online mock again and I swear I have not seen it before and obviously not practice on it before .

I am worried that it has been changed after I have had my exam because the previous ones was nothing like the real exams.
Or am I just going crazy haha..

Thank you


  • 93jw11
    93jw11 Registered Posts: 20
    I'm taking this exam tomorrow.. very nervous. Any advice?
  • tinks83
    tinks83 Registered Posts: 3
    Know the variances and read the questions carefully. I did find the materials and practice exams different to the actual exam.
    Take your time, good luck
  • karenL4
    karenL4 Registered Posts: 2
    I sat this exam today and so different to practice exams. I know I have failed before I get my results. Not sure what I can do as had done a lot of work for this exam.
  • tinks83
    tinks83 Registered Posts: 3
    @karenL4 It is so different and this is the only one I am struggling with. Hopefully you have done better than you think.
  • karenL4
    karenL4 Registered Posts: 2
    I know I havn't missed to much was awful confidence down to zero
  • SophieChall
    SophieChall Registered Posts: 5
    I'm really glad other people feel the same. I've studied this for 6 months and took my exam yesterday and felt like walking out. The only questions I felt confident doing were the written questions and the ones on variances. The other ones I just didn't even know what they were asking on some bits. Ive used every resource I've had and felt like I knew it inside out. I've definitely failed but don't feel like I would do any better if I re took.
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