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Has anyone got any other practice papers AQ2016 Bkng Transactions


I have completed the 2 CBT sample assessments on the above but cannot find anymore to help with practice. I found 2 on the Osborne Site but you have to pay.

Does anyone know if the actual exams are the same format as the sample assessments on their website? Exams on Friday.

Any help appreciated!



  • CasuCasu Registered, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 102
    Not got Aqa 2016, but if you are not 100% it is worth paying for Osbournes papers. Folk have to be careful about sharing other stuff as they can easily be breach of copyright. Are you stuck with any one area? Sure you will be fine on the day, good luck.
  • Dani11_255Dani11_255 Registered Posts: 3
    Thanks Casu. It was more just for practice as there are only 2 on the site. But yes it is worth paying.
  • Winner48Winner48 Registered, Tutor Posts: 4
    I hope you've completed all the Greenlights tests and all green?
  • Dani11_255Dani11_255 Registered Posts: 3
    yes winner48 all done and both CBT's!
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