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This might be a really silly question but in the last question on the sample assessments (advanced bookkeeping) it reads:
'Complete the extended trial balance by entering figures and a label in the correct places'
I wasn't sure what the right places are? I guessed they would be the line of adjustments but i'm not 100% HELP!

I am taking my exam (advanced bookkeeping) on Thursday and also wondered if anyone has taken it yet how similar is it to the sample assessments?


  • Casu
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    It's the debit/credit columns as far as I know. Can't see the options, maybe a screen shot would help those of us who completed this before the new Aqa was issued.
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    Sorry to jump in on your question but I just wondered if it was possible to restart any of the assessments once you've accessed them or do you only get one chance? I stupidly thought I'd have a quick look at the CBT 2 but then had to come out of it and now I cannot access it again and it said I was marked as not competent!
  • JoJoMis
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    You can go back as much as you want :)
  • angief
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    Thanks JoJoMis, I'll have another go to get back onto it.
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