Should I study AAT or do my A levels first?

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I'm am 16 and taking my GCSEs now and I want to study the AAT course in the coming September. I want to study the AAT course and then move on to the ACCA course.Should I take A levels or go on straight to the AAT course?
I've also been advised to study Level 3 only as level 2 would be too simple and level 4 would exempt me from 4 papers from the ACCA so I should study the entire ACCA instead.
Any advice?


  • Bertie
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    A Levels first.

    Do you have an understanding already of what is within the syllabus of level 2?

    If you've no knowledge of such, do not skip this level.

    Yes, it's a straight-forward level, but it contains important knowledge which will form a strong foundation.

    You are very, very young, there is no rush.

    But yes, academic qualifications should come before professional ones - given choice and opportunity.
  • AbbyCarr
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    I did my first year of A Level, and then switched to AAT after achieving A,A,A,B in my AS Levels. I started at Level 3 after skipping Level 2. I personally didn't struggle with not completing Level 2, I did need to take some extra personal time to cover the bookkeeping aspects of the course and some reconcile but otherwise it was all straightforward.

    My decision to forgo my A Levels was that after completing them, I'd have no experience, and so it was likely I'd have to have an entry level job or an apprenticeship. So an additional year of my A Levels didn't seem worthwhile. I'm now an apprentice and 2 exams off of completing Level 4. A Levels are important if you want to go to uni, in the finance world? Experience trumps everything. Jobs require professional qualifications or qualified by experience, I've not seen many that really care about A Levels. You have to consider what career you want and whether you'll need them in the future.
  • Casu
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    A levels first. Maybee even consider a degree. Plus if doing so - always consider the type of University. Think long term.The big firms look at such things on your CV and such things ensure you progress further in your career up the management ladder (top tier rather than possibly just getting to middle management without). Not saying you cannot reach higher level management without but its a harder and longer attainment period otherwise (generally)
  • Bertie
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    A levels are the golden standard.

    Plus, A Levels with a good degree are more universally recognised when applying for vacancies outside of accountancy.

    If you want to work at KPMG, EY etc etc - A Levels will be needed, if starting from the bottom.

    Before long every man and his dog will have the AAT qualification, so you'll need to stand out.

  • AlisonSwanson
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    Why not do both and keep your options open? Maybe study 2 A levels alongside AAT Levels 2 and 3?
  • Zoynal98
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    I started AAT straight after GCSE and I am currently doing an Apprenticeship. I would recommend you do your A-levels first and then decide what you want to do from there, I'm only saying this because most companies look for UCAS points and A-levels as a requirement and I was fortunate enough to find an Apprentice role. Plus, if what you want to do doesn't go as planned you can fall back on your A-levels and choose a different career path suited to you. As @AlisonSwanson said, you can do your A-levels along with AAT.
  • Bertie
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    My opinion is based on:

    1) At 16, is it possible to know what we want to do with our lives?

    2) A-Levels are better to have than the AAT qualification if you decide accountancy isn't for you.

    3) The better finance roles will usually expect to see A-Levels.

    If the OP was older, 25> I'd say 'crack on with the AAT'

    Each case is different and it is something the OP has to think about comprehensively.

    Having said that, there is sense in completing the AAT qualification asap.

    It's a nice choice to have to make, oh if I was 16 again!!
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