Mistake In Sample Assessment 2 AQ2016?!

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The last question (Task 11) in sample assessment 2. Sale of shares for ltd companies rules go: Same day, Prevoius 9 days (FIFO) and pool. In the question you have a sale disposal on 2 March 17, another purchase on the 8 March 17, & previous pool.
The AAT answer takes first the purchase from the 8 March 17, and then the pool wheras technically the purchase from the 8 March should not be included as this took place 6 days after the sale disposal which were on the 2 March 17. So only the pool should have been included in the cost as the rules clearly state that it previous 9 days not the 'following' 9 days from the date of disposal. Could someone please have a look at this?


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    Can't access the question but I'm assuming the disposal of shares related to an individual and not a company?
    If so, the rules for individuals are:
    1. Match the disposal with share purchases on the same date as the disposal.
    2. Match with purchases made in the 30 days after the date of disposal, on a first in, first out basis.
    3. Match with shares in the share pool, the pool contains all the other shares purchased other
    than in 1 or 2 above
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    Problem is - we cannot see the question. You can only view them if you are a student and only then if you are a student studying AQA 2016. So therefore anyone who is actually MAAT or FMATT etc cannot help you! Ive seen many a student suggest that something is wrong and post their intrepretation of the question and when eventually viewed the actual question have found that it is their intrepration that is incorrect. Of course have found a fair few instances of errors in the questions as well. So how about posting a copy of the actual question.
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    The task description is: 'Meryl had the following transactions in the shares of Plakit Ltd'.
    They show the purchases & sale in a table and after, 'Calculate the total chargeable gain or loss for the disposal of these shares in March 2017 & the value of shares carried forward after the disposal'. That's why I'm so confused because it's Ltd company.
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    This is the answer
  • Eulaliaaaa
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    This is the question
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    Meryl is an individual selling shares in a Limited Company.

    It is not asking about Meryl Limited selling shares.

    So you need the matching rules for individuals.
    EulaliaaaaNatalie Oram
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